Web Development FAQs – our responses to your questions

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What makes a great website?

– easy to use

– clean, beautiful design

– looks great on all devices, including desktop screen, tablets and mobile phones

– unique, memorable and captivating

– reflects the business owner’s personality

– builds curiosity and inspires interest in the products & services offered

– motivates to purchase

– encourages return visitors

What questions do we ask a client when starting a new web development project?

– what is the primary purpose of the website?

– what would you like a web development company to do for you?

– what features would you need: shop, event booking, online course, portfolio, gallery, etc.

What do we love most about our job?

– chance to help people fulfil their personal and financial ambitions

– help people move past the confusing technical jargon with clear and helpful communication

– create smooth and enjoyable user experiences

– make the web a better place (one website at a time)

– alleviate people’s frustrations with hiring low quality developers

– make web services more accessible to all people with different levels of technical knowledge

What inspired us to start our own business?

– we didn’t like the corporate, greedy, profit-driven structure.

– didn’t like bad, rushed treatment of clients by big tech companies

– we can choose projects and clients which we are excited about

– we can spend more time on supporting and treating clients better instead on focusing on the paycheck

Why should our clients choose us?

– we offer clear, transparent and jargon-free communication

– we have a clear pricing structure

– we provide friendly support

– personal treatment

– we keep to strict deadlines

– we’ve got over 10 years of experience in web development

– we believe in a holistic approach to our work

– we are humans, not bots!

Alex Mayer
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