Product photography: why is it better to photograph your goods professionally?

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Product Photography

With the rise of internet purchasing, this Pandemic will officially change the course of retail forever so now it is more important than ever to grab your customers attention quickly before they lose interest and purchase elsewhere! Product photography plays a key part, if not the most vital part after functionality and speed. 

When a potential customer views your site or comes across your goods on social media, it’s the pictures of your products (or website photography) that will entice them first.

The key differences between shooting that amazing plate of food using your smart phone and commissioning a professional speak for themselves, but on the whole you also get:

    1. Consistent product imagery – your entire range will have a consistent look and feel so that all your items work together on your pages.
    2. The final images are crisp and sharp and carry a far higher pixel ratio to what even the best smart phone can achieve. This ensures your pictures are suitable to view cross platform with all screen sizes from a 60-inch TV to a smart phone.
    3. If your item is lifestyle driven, a photographer will work together with you to provide a list of accessories to compliment what you’re selling without overshadowing the product itself. This creates a more interesting and dynamic end result.
    4. Flash lighting ensures  that just the right amount of shadow and light is created to bring out the very best in your product.
    5. And last, but not least – a professional photographer uses a variety of lenses that can not only take a sharp pulled back standard image, but also close up macro and wide options to give customers a different view and experience.
We are product and packshot photographers and specialise in producing still life images that stand out from the crowd. We do this using our technical and lighting expertise as well as our styling ability.
Prices in our studio start as little as £195 + vat.

Call or email us to discuss further: Nina 07905818028 or

Alex Mayer
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