Mobile Friendly – 4 years after Google “Mobilegeddon”

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What is ‘mobile friendly’? In April 2015 search engine rankings had changed forever. In keeping with their customs, Google made some rather dramatic changes to the way that websites are gauged when accessed by mobile devices; the mobile friendliness has become  ‘be-all’ and ‘end-all’ for websites.

Is this still relevant today? Yes, it is!

Mobile Friendly Statistics

Without the right amount of detail available for your mobile customers – i.e. responsive and mobile-friendly site , you are penalised quite heavily by the search engines for your transgressions. If you aren’t sure how this might be affecting you, here is a brief review of the changes that were introduced back in 2015.

Desktops Are Safe, or are they?
Seems like the ‘mobile friendly’ algorithms only affected those who were actually using a mobile device to search for you – laptop and desktop users, rejoice! However, with one third of all online searches carried out on mobile devices you don’t want to be missing out on that slice of the pie.

You’ve Had Your Time
The timeline for the change was first made clear to everyone way back in February 2015 – everyone has had a chance to build their proverbial Ark in anticipation of the flood. Because it had such a huge impact on the way that search engines work, Google actually pre-announced this one, a rarity!

The algorithm change was Biblical
The changes were indeed hard going. Those who weren’t ready to embrace the new mobile-friendly reality,  have found themselves missing a large chunk of their clicks and purchases thanks to these changes.

It is advisable to re-test your website
What is the situation now, 4 years later?  For those who still haven’t made a start on their site’s responsiveness or perhaps having issues with it – we recommend checking your site with Google Mobile Friendly Test .

If you have found some issues, please let us know, we offer free ‘Mobile Friendly Audit’.

Alex Mayer
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