Personalize your sales message, ask questions

You'll notice in the above sample that the term "you" and "your" is used often, to make things a little more personal. Also, a question is asked to assist prospective customers in identifying the challenges they may be facing - an answer to the question is immediately given afterwards, then the direct benefits to the customer. Asking a question is a good way to introduce a product or service before going into the details.

A call to action & risk minimization

It's also important that after every benefit/offer statement that a call to action, such as 'purchase', 'learn more' or 'enquire' follows soon after. You may find that you will need to create many calls to action on one page as different triggers will work on different customers.

In many cases, the customer will not be able to see, hear or touch the product, so it's important that wherever possible that you are able to offer a money back guarantee. Often merchants are nervous of offering 100% money back guarantees, but the research I have carried out indicates that, generally speaking, people don't take up on the offer - they just want to know it's there. 

Many top Internet marketing gurus would testify that the refund offer is the "clincher" regarding whether a customer purchases or not. I would advise you to research your industry before offering this - I have witnessed abuse by customers of these offers in certain industries, especially in Internet based services.


Being a social animal, humans succumb to peer pressure in its many forms. A testimonial is a very subtle form of peer pressure. Think about it, if a leader in your industry recommends a certain product, does that give it more credibility in your mind?

Gathering testimonials can be a very simple task. Contact customers who have purchased from you previously and ask them a few simple questions plus permission to publish their comments. Remember that people are generally very busy, so it may mean having to respond to their WIIFM (what's in it for me) factor. This could be offering your clients one of your products for free if they complete a survey.

If your product or business is new, then you won't have any customers to gain testimonials from. In this case, before going into a full scale launch of your product/service, offer free or demo versions to people on the provision that they complete a survey after a trial period - and that they allow their comments to be published.

A word of warning - don't use testimonials that make it sound as though your product/service is a cure for all the world's ills (unless it is). Customers will soon see through the hype, or worse still, fall for the hype and be chasing you when the product doesn't perform to the level that your marketing implies.

Concluding your sales copy...

Chances are if the customer has read all the way through the page that they aren't an impulse buyer, but quite discerning. Your last paragraph is make or break time and your final chance on that particular occasion to secure a sale - but you won't always make a sale the first time a customer is exposed to your product/service. It is often said in the world of marketing that a discerning customer needs to see an offer seven times before they will buy.

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