Computer that allows communications between networks one network with another. Used in ecommerce to act as an interface between a merchant and a bank; i.e, a Payment Gateway.


An infomediary is an online resources that collates data from a variety of sources and acts as a middleman between those distributing the information and people who want the information.

Luhn algorithm

The LUHN algorith is used for credit card number generation and validation.


An E-Check is a form of payment that deducts funds directly from your own standard checking account. eCheck services are usually managed by third party companies that interface with a number of different banks. An echeck provides a more fraud resistant option in terms of ecommerce transactions.

Merchant account

A special account account where money from credit card sales is first routed to and held before transfer to your own business account. This process is usually fully automated in ecommerce transactions. Money may be transferred into your standard business account in real-time or during various points in a 24 hour period. A merchant account is a crucial part of ecommerce.

Merchant Identification Number (MIDS)

Unique merchant identification number that is used in conjunction with all transactions.

Out of the box

Refers to an applications suitability to be rapidly integrated into an existing system

P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

Process whereby computers can trade information between each other directly without the assistance of a third party network.

Payment threshold

The minimum accumulated commission an affiliate must earn to trigger payment from an affiliate program.

Privacy policy

A Web site's official statement on the type of information collected on a site, how the information will be used, how the person can access this data and the steps for having the data removed. A privacy statement will also usually include information regarding systems that are in place to protect the information of web site visitors.

Privacy seal programs

Independent organizations that verify if an online companies' Privacy Statement is verifiable and accurate.


The ability and flexibility of an application to meet growth requirements of an organization

Secure servers

Special servers that utilize encryption to prevent unauthorized users from intercepting and reading a message that passes through its system..

Session cookie

Temporary cookie stored in a computers memory for remembering preferences during a web site visit that is flushed on leaving the site.

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