Concrete5 improvements

  • Nicer language and country selection experience in the Multilingual Setup (thanks mlocati)
  • Now when you are editing an existing page in composer, the URL slug field is read only, unless you click the edit pencil next to the slug.
  • Image block now only displays images in the file manager when launching the file manager (thanks goutnet!)
  • You can now click the pixel values in the area and block custom design pallette (rather than being forced to only use the slider.) (thanks olsgreen!)
  • Dialog windows are resizable again (thanks goutnet)
  • FAQ block now contains an instance of Redactor rich text editor rather than plain text.
  • We won’t generate .mo files for empty languages for Multilingual websites (fixes a bug with Zend Translation that doesn’t work well with these) (thanks ezannelli)
  • Google Maps block now provides support for scroll wheels (thanks NKay and EC-Joe)
  • Modal windows should behave better on small screens (thanks hissy)
  • Location lists now includes Japanese states (thanks kanetei and Katz)
  • Validation and HTML improvements to the Image Slider blocks (thanks micrdy)
  • Add block panel can now be pinned and will remain open (by clicking on the add block panel and clicking again.) (thanks goutnet!)
  • Better checking on installation for the mbstring library (which is required due to a bug in the Patchwork i18n library)
  • Form block now scrolls to the proper position on page (thanks Mainio)
  • File manager now lets you choose how many results you want per page (thanks goutnet)
  • Miscellaneous improvements to edit page in composer.

See full list here


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